Camera Field Pack with Carry Strap

$58 $78

A premium auxiliary travel case that fits your everyday needs.

  1. Fits 2 Bodies, 4 Lenses + Accessories

  2. Premium Waterproof Twill

  3. Waterproof Zippers

  4. Mesh accessory pockets

  5. Geniune Leather Details

  6. Also fits into the TYPE-II Backpack

DIMENSIONS: 10"x10"x6"

Weight: 1lb

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We expect our first production stock to start arriving in our warehouse in the third week of June with our Large Kits and accessories coming in the last week of June and shipping into July. This is all due to the global shipping/logistics crisis specifically the unavailability of freight containers. We have that all sorted for our first containers to be freighted over. Thank you for your patience and support and let us know if you need to update your address on file.

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