TYPE-II: Charcoal Backpack


Heritage style meets modern aesthetics.


  • Lightweight yet Sturdy Design 3.4lbs
  • Dedicated Luggage Sleeve
  • Waterproof Coated Twill + Zippers
  • Leather Wrapped Handle
  • Side Strap + D-Ring Combo
  • Fully Expandable side pockets
  • Up to a 16" Laptop | Tablet

    TRAVEL KIT includes:

    • Compact Field Pack
    • Travel Field Pack

    CAMERA KIT includes:

    • Compact Field Pack
    • Camera Field Pack

       Dimensions: 16.75" H x 11.5"W x 6.25" D 

      Made in small batches | Designed in New York 

      *Interior shelf no longer included due to redundancy.



      Our products are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship.


      The Active Shield is eligible for size exchange only within 7 days of receiving the product. Please email for more exchange information. The Active Shield is not eligible for a refund after it has been received. Each order is eligible for cancellation and full refund prior to shipping.

      We are starting to see Amazon/Ebay/TikTok/Snapchat ads selling counterfeit products with our name on the packaging. Those are not ours as we have barely started production and have stringent testing and certifications pending approval in January with a shipping estimate of March 2021. These overseas manufacturers are masters at visual duplication but ultimately are a safety hazard as those will not fit or seal the face properly or even have the permanent anti-fog hardcoat.  For safety reasons it is important that you be very careful if you did purchase one and report them to your CC company for a reversal. 
      Help us root them out by emailing us the website you purchased them from so we can report them for trademark infringement /copyright infringement.


      Examples below:


      How long do HEPA-11 Filters Last?

      All filters are HEPA-11. The HEPA filters are inherently effective for up to 3 years but the limited amount of studies done on mask wearing and daily clearing of HEPA materials suggests that if cleaned daily the filters last 2 weeks at maximum effectiveness. 

       CDC Recommendation on Re-Using Masks/Filters

      How can I choose my size?
      Before we ship out you will be given an opportunity to change your size or add more filters if necessary.
      How can I add more filters?
      Before we ship out you will be given an opportunity to add any extra accessories you might have missed.
      Why is this better than a standard mask?
      The Active//Shield is a fully sealed respirator which is two steps above a mask. Not only is it fully sealed but it also comes with two dual-flow filtered vents. Meaning it filters air coming in and all air going out through the HEPA-11 filters. Filters 99.97 of 0,3 microns.

      We will be offering both HEPA-11 and KN95 filters.

      In our studies, we have found that both HEPA-11 and KN95 are good to stop the coronavirus from entering the mask. Below are some credible sources that explain the situation, sometimes at too much length.

      NASA has done a study on the HEPA-11 capturing the coronavirus.

      NY Times wrote about this as well.


      Questions? Please contact us using the form below.

      Or text us at (929) 320-0059 / Email us at

      We are not shipping the Active//Shield until March-April 2021

      If you believe you bought a counterfeit please see an example below:

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