The Modern Traveler


Victor Soto and Douglas Larsen drew upon inspiration from the past. Specifically the British Hardpacks of the late 1800's. We thought a flexible removable structure would work best and built interchangeable packs to further expand our organization efforts.

We settled on using Premium Grade Twill as our main material for its strength and durability as well as using bits of leather to finish off the details.


About Us

Pioneer: Vic Soto

Vinta was Vic's idea from start to finish. Trained in graphic design, photography and industrial design; he has always had a keen eye for beauty. His wife a successful fashion photographer, giving him inspiration and insight.



Lead Designer: Douglas Larsen

Trained as an industrial, graphic and interior designer; Douglas has made his living setting the next trends in color and casting workplace vision for companies in NYC. He was brought on by Vic to push Vinta forward by expanding into more designs.